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Get to Know Me
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Kristin Palen, OTR/L

Pediatric Occupational Therapist.

Kristin Palen, OTR/L is an occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience solely in pediatrics.  For years Kristin had a vision of combining her love of occupational therapy with nature and from there she created Coastal Connections Pediatric Therapy.   

Kristin has solely worked in pediatrics in almost every setting possible spanning from a sensory integration clinic, a school setting, early intervention, home-based, and a pediatric rehabilitation hospital.   Kristin’s areas of interest and specialty are sensory integration, nature-based occupational therapy, and responsive feeding therapy.

Kristin has established Coastal Connections Pediatric Therapy in 2021, a private therapy practice serving children in Currituck, Dare, and Camden Counties of North Carolina, providing home and outdoor-based occupational therapy services. As well as additional virtual services.


In addition, Kristin is a homeschool mom to her two children ages 5 and 11.  Kristin has many plans in the works to provide resources for homeschool families particularly those with neurodivergent children. 

Kristin, her husband Aaron, and their two children reside just minutes from the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  In their free time, you will pretty much find them playing on the beach!!


Holistic, Interest Led, Nature Based

Kristin truly loves being an OT, working alongside families and helping their children live the best lives they can.  Kristin uses a holistic and neurodiverse affirming approach in her OT practice, ensuring that a family’s needs are met. 


OT sessions focus on the family’s own personal goals for the child based on the child’s interests, strengths, and the family culture.  Kristin’s goal is for both the parents and the child to feel comfortable, confident, and secure in their everyday lives.  Kristin wants the children to be able to bond, connect, play, explore, and just enjoy being children!


Kristin is a proud mother of two preemies (30 weeks and 36 weeks), and she believes her experience as a preemie mom has shaped her into the OT that she has become giving her a unique perspective of being on the other side of the table.   


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