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This 6O page Movement and Mindfulness Guide is intended to be used during the fall season.  It is intended for children ages 4-12, with the optimal ages being 6-10.  It can be easily adapted for younger or older children and modifications are given throughout the guide.  This guide is laid out to be used how you see fit for your child, and a sample 4 week schedule is provided.  This is perfect for the month of November!


Whether you are a parent, a homeschool family, an OT or a teacher this guide can be easily adapted for your child and/or children.  It is an excellent guide that could be used for a co-op, therapy group or a nature group.  


This guide is designed to bring more balance to your child by immersing them in nature based activities enabling them to make connections with nature and ultimately within themselves.  It encompasses sensory motor activities targeting motor planning, bilateral coordination, proprioceptive awareness, sensory processing exploration, emotional awareness, self-regulation, mindfulness, fine motor and visual motor skills.


It includes the following:


  • Orginal bean bag motor planning verse and movement pattern, original jump rope rhyme, and motor planning movement activities
  • Three original therapeutic stories including a yoga story and a guided movement meditation story, as well as an adapted story.
  • Mindfulness activities through the use of nature exploration
  • Sensory processing exploration activities
  • Self-regulation exploration activities and identification
  • Activity ideas to expand each story and modify the activities to meet your child's needs.  
  • Video demonstrations of the activities

Fall Movement & Mindfulness Guide

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