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This mini guide is free for the 2023 Virtual Neurodiverse Homeschooling Summit, be sure to enter your coupon code at check-out.


The Sensory Processing and Self-Regulation Mini Guide to Support Your Neurodivergent Homeschooler will give you a general understanding of the vital role sensory processing and self-regulation play in your homeschool. This is a 15 page guide that lays out the Framework we use here at Coastal Connections OT.  Understanding not only your child's but your own sensory needs will enable you to support your child's and your nervous system to set you up for success on your homeschool journey. This guide will give you the tools to self-regulate throughout your day in order to co-regulate your child and support them to developing self-regulation skills. It will help you attune to your child in order to design your homeschool around your child’s sensory needs; this is essential to your child’s learning and to a connected and regulated homeschool.

The Sensory Processing and Self-Regulation Homeschool Mini Guide

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