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Nature Enrichment Classes

Are you looking for something different for your child?  Our nature enrichment takes your child outside into nature reaping all the regulating, soothing, engaging, and calming aspects of the natural environment, facilitated by an occupational therapist.   Here is a way for your child to connect with other children focusing on social interaction, friendship, and teamwork all in a nurturing and child-led environment fostering their sensory-motor, fine motor, and emotional regulation skills.   Building your child's confidence while connecting them more to themselves, nature, and their peers!

Nature Enrichment Fall Session # 2

Holiday Pumpkin
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Dry Yellow Leaf

Nature Explorers:  For ages 3.5-7
Fall Semester 1 Harvest Theme: November 15- December 6
Tuesdays  from 3:30-4:45
Currituck County Rural Center: Powells Point, NC

Skills Supported: Sensory processing skills, motor development, fine motor skills, visual motor skills, writing skills, nature exploration, emotional regulation, and mindfulness

Neuro-Affirming Social Skills Facilitation:  Promoting self-advocacy, autonomy, friendship, team building,  being a supportive friend, and self-awareness 

Activities:  Gross motor play, team building games, therapeutic storytelling, nature hikes, open-ended play, nature-based process art, whole-body sensory play, and nature journaling

Inclusive to all children!

This is a drop-off class, your child must demonstrate safety awareness to remain with the group.

*Please note we meet in all weather here at Coastal Connections your child will need a rain jacket, rain pants, and rain boots in the event that it rains.  In the event of unsafe weather conditions, we will reschedule for a make-up date.

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Fall Foliage

The group will be limited to 4 children can't wait to see you there!

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